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The world is becoming decentralized. “The Digital Transformation” is unfolding before our eyes.

Decentralized money is more efficient, more equitable, and an inescapable part of the new reality. The (legacy) fiat system is failing. However, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is both advanced and chaotic. It is too complicated. It is fragmented– it is difficult to operate within. One must struggle - with limited support and no guiding foundations - to consider, nurture, and protect their experience of DeFi.

Transitioning from a (constant) national currency to a new world of tokens requires new infrastructure. Users, generally, should not “lose money” in adopting “a more efficient financial system”. Cryptocurrency is supposed to be beneficial. However, most are unfamiliar with actively engaging a liberated (decentralized) financial market. Users should not have to be technical experts in order to benefit. They must feel secure and competent in adopting DeFi.

The Mass Adoption of DeFi can not occur in its current state with an undeveloped User Experience (UX).

Elevated: A Universal Economic Infrastructure

Supplying the user interface, Elevated engineers the required technical disciplines within its technological system. This operating system (OS) encodes and abstracts strategic objectives away from the user experience. Supported by the best digital wallet, DeFi becomes universally accessible. Elevated develops the UX of DeFi, facilitating the mass adoption of digital economic activity and Web3.0.

Elevated is Universal Economic Infrastructure - the DeFi OS.

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