2. Background and context

The world is currently undergoing a profound shift, known as “The Digital Transformation.” Within this new reality, decentralized money has emerged as a more efficient and equitable alternative to the failing legacy fiat system. DeFi represents the forefront of this transformation, offering advanced solutions. However, despite its potential, the industry is still characterized by complexity and fragmentation: inaccessibility makes it challenging for users to navigate and benefit from its potential.
Transitioning from traditional national currencies to the world of digital tokens requires new infrastructure, and user-friendly experience in particular. Users should not have to possess extensive technical expertise or risk financial loss in adopting a more efficient financial system. It is crucial for users to feel secure and competent when engaging with decentralized finance.
Mass adoption of DeFi cannot occur without addressing the limitations of its current user experience (UX).
This is the fundamental premise of the Elevated Ultimate Digital Wallet (‘Elevated’). Without Elevated, users adopting DeFi will suffer throughout their journey - if they get started at all.